What is Free Business Directory?
A new kind of smart directory that is completely free for both users and advertisers

We love that we can find almost anything we can think of on the internet. We don't like that often, when we try searching for something, it feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. As long as searching for "Ford parts" returns 2 million to 24 million results depending which search engine you use, we think there is room for a service that delivers specific answers, relevant to your location and specific needs.

If you are looking for a place in your neighbourhood to buy bananas, why would you have to go through web pages about planting and fertilizing bananas, banana export statistics by country or the companies offering rides on a banana shaped boat?

We think you shouldn't have to, and that's why we developed Free Business Directory.

Free Business Directory doesn't just search, it helps you find exactly what you are looking for. It analyzes what you entered and does its best to try to determine what it is and show you only the relevant results. If you are not happy with the results, you can tell it to find more or less results, filter your search to a place, a brand name, a business type and more.

A different concept

The internet is a huge collection of unorganized information. That's why search engines have to get better and better - they have a huge job to do: automatically find specific information in a huge collection of unorganized, random data of mixed quality. Free Business Directory has an almost unfair advantage: we have a well organized database of companies, filled with data by the companies themselves. This means that we know exactly where a company is, what brands they sell, repair or manufacture, so we can give you the right companies for what you are looking for.

It also has smart ways to help you find exactly what you want, such as filters that can help you narrow down your search results until you hit the bullseye.

We believe that when it comes to search results, less is more.

Why is it good for customers?

1. We have smart ways to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Try it and you will see.

2. We cannot be bribed. We are a FREE business directory because we don't (and never will) make companies pay for being listed or (as some business directories do) for being listed on top. In Free Business Directory, the only deciding factor when it comes to search results is how closely it matches what you are looking for. All search results are actual, honest search results - no paid ads, paid positions or the like. Just plain search results.

3. In most on-line directories, you get a screen jam packed with blinking, animated, distracting ads to grab your attention and only a tiny section to search. 80% of the screen is there to distract you and sell you something and only 20% is there to help you. In Free Business Directory there are NO paid ads - you get a simple, uncluttered screen where 100% of what you see is there to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

4. Most on-line directories will give you data on tens of thousands of companies that they uploaded from publicly available databases (with often incomplete, inaccurate or outdated information) just to show you that "they have a lot of companies listed". They only show complete, accurate and useful information about those companies that regularly pay the operator of the service. Since listing in Free Business Directory is free, it is inevitable that you will find REAL information on more companies, entered by them on a way to provide you with useful, accurate, up-to date search results.

Why is it good for advertisers?

1. It is free, and will always be free. No "extra services" to pay for, no "upgrades". Your COMPLETE listing (not a "limited version") will always be free with us.

2. Your competition can't beat you by "upgrading to the paid version" (we don't have a paid version) - you are on a level field with them. The only thing that determines what gets listed highest in the search results is how well it matches what the user is looking for.

3. Premium service - even though Free Business Directory is free, we provide better service and a smarter search than most paid directories. Instead of spending our time selling advertising space or "upgrades", we spent more than a full year to develop the smart search logic of Free Business Directory to make it the smartest business directory available on the internet.

4. Instant listing. No search optimization needed, no waiting for the search engines and directories to list your company. Once you entered the data for your listing, your company will immediately show up in Free Business Directory.

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